Thursday, March 1, 2018

ALERT!!! Evrial Trojan and Trojan.Coinbitclip Malware Info Stealing Trojan Modifies Addresses to Steal Cryptocurrency

The security of the Bitcoin is very important, specifically as the amount of bitcoin persistently increases. It is strongly suggest that the leading cryptocurrency is secured against steal and fraud by using tools such as encryption status and registering of transaction on the Blockchain. Yes, there are other digital currency is most likely to steal and fraud not like other currencies. As the price of the certain cryptocurrency like bitcoin increases, the hackers are generating and working susceptible tools to steal bitcoin.

A bitcoin malware called Trojan.Coinbitclip was created. This malware has to take control the infected computer's clipboard and replace the original bitcoin address to different bitcoin address.

Trojan.Coinbitclip is a new type of malware discovered by Symantec on early February. This malware supports with a substantial file of bitcoin address and use the same match when making a transaction.

Virus Details:

Discovered: February 2, 2016
Type: Trojan
Infection Length: Varies
Systems Affected: Windows

Malware Trojans are common and I think most has been affected by this malware. Be careful and scan your devices from time to time to eliminate this Malware.

Yes, I am affected with this malware too. Below is the screenshot of my Original bitcoin address and it changed when I paste it on Notepad.

Malware Trojans are common and I think most has been affected by this malware. Be careful and scan your devices fro time to time to eliminate this Malware. All bitcoin users must be informed of the state of this malware. Be extra careful on sending coins from one bitcoin address to another. Always check the bitcoin address carefully when pasting, check the prefix and suffix of the address prior of sending cryptocurrency

Evrial Trojan Switches Bitcoin Addresses Copied to Windows Clipboard

Evrial's feature is to monitor the clipboard and replace with one used by the stealer or attacker. This allow to deliver the cyrptocurrency payment to another address desired by the attacker. Attacker has the control on the destination of the payment.

Always check, recheck and triple check your Bitcoin Addresses before you click the confirm button.

How to protect from Evrial

-Install updated Security Software
-Always scan files when opening and downloading to your computer
-Do not run suspicious .exe file
-Look for misspelled names, morphed logos n cryptic permissions.