Saturday, October 29, 2016

[Serious] Scariest Videos On The Internet That Will Give You Nightmares

Obviously, the web can be found with a wide range of frightening, freaky recordings. There are many terrifying videos on YouTube. Fortunately, we’re only going to look at the top five discoveries from the creepiest shallows of the internet. One is YouTube. With Halloween coming up quite soon, you'll even be in the state of mind for these sorts of recordings. I would encourage you to hole up behind your couch, you must be fearless prior to start wathing these clips.

5. GIRL GHOST. "i cnt explain this it happens quite allot in my house check it out n figure out 4 urself sum scary madness" 

4. GHOST HANGS AROUND DISNEYLAND. "I've heard people talk about ghosts around Disneyland late at night. Am I crazy or does it look like there is a ghost walking around the park?"

3. THE SWEDISH RHAPSODY. You can hear a speaking young girl in German continously. Things truly get to be unpleasant that the message the young girl is attempting to pass on is a message to kill someone.

2. BODY OF A PIG. "Truly frightening EVP recorded in a secret location during my tenure as special guest and resident expert with a group that I cannot name. My association with the group ended due to reasons I cannot legally disclose."

1. JAPANESE GHOST GIRL IN MIRROR. For you to find out!!



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