Thursday, September 17, 2015

Telstra Launches The World's First CAT11 600Mbps LTE-Advanced

After a month after the introduction of the first CAT 9 450 Mbps device on Telstra Network, the new CAT 11 600Mbps also launch on September 16, 2015 in colaboration with Neatgear, Ericsson and Qualcomm.

Telstra Corporation Limited (known as Telstra) is Australia's largest telecommunications and media company which builds and operates telecommunications networks and markets voice, mobile, internet access, pay television and other entertainment products and services.

Wi-Fi 4GX advance III Mobile Broadband Hotspot also developed and it is consider as the latest ultra-fast mobile broadband device. The hotspot can support up to 15 Wi-Fi devices connected concurrently. Wi-Fi 4GX is designed to enable automatically switch between 4GX, 4G and 3G networks in a location where 4GX network is not available.

With this technology, customers will expect a notable ultra fast download speed, less buffering and fast application response. Overall network will satisfy the customer.

The battery last up to 11 hours of continuous use or up to 260 hours on standby mode.

Telstra is concentrating its initial LTE-A Cat 11 rollout to the CBDs of east coast capital cities Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Canberra. The operator said it plans to extend this footprint as required to address growing mobile data demand.

Optus and Vodafone Australia are also starting its 4GX network implementation.

Telstra launches world's first 600Mbps LTE-A device.

4G Advanced Modem (Netgear AirCard 790s) on Telstra's BigPomd 4GX Wireless Broadband Speed Test. Video by Aron Bezzina

Updated Video 2
Live Demo: Delivering a 600 Megabits per Second (Mbps) User Experience. Video by: Ericsson

Updated Video 2

Source: Telecomasia, Telstra



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