Sunday, September 13, 2015

Manny "PACMAN" Pacquio: This Is What I Do When Bored.

While the American was coasting his way to victory and matching Rocky Marciano's record of 49-0, the Filipino legend - who lost to Mayweather via a unanimous decision in May this year - was entertaining himself using a piano app on his phone.

In a cheeky Instagram post during the Mayweather fight, Manny published a video of himself playing the digital piano and captioned it: "What I do when I'm bored. Hehe"Despite his punch-perfect performance, Mayweather's reluctance to trade with Berto failed to impress the PacMan.

These are also the comments from Manny Pacquio facebook page:

"See now this is why I like Manny. He's such a normal guy. Seriously he just posted a video of him laying on a bed playing piano on his phone. Like what amazing athlete do that? I wouldn't be surprised if I saw a video of Manny sitting in front of Costco eating balut. Continue to be you Manny. Be random as hell. " -Ousa Khun

"A true champion!!!! I saw you were thinking about fighting Khan...the fans would like to see that fight!!!! Keep up the good work pacman!!!!!" - David Post

"As I follow your Facebook page I'm getting to know you better, and I'm so amazed about your character as a person. Mabuhay ka Manny. God bless you." - Marlene Mariano

Source: Manny Facebook Page, Youtube


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