Monday, February 23, 2015

How To Donate A Car In Califonia

Many car donation programs and services take the work out of donating your vehicle to a deserving charity, getting you a possible tax deduction as well.

I used to donate a car when I was in Califonia. I decided to make a post to share simple thoughts when it comes in donating a car.

Donate a car in California is a simple thing, and has simple step procedure. You need to verify first then charity association by calling them. Charity scams are on the rise.  The scammers fool you into thinking they solicit for a real charity or they may pose as the actual charity.  Your donation never makes it to the needy, and you don’t get your car donation tax deduction either.  But it’s easy and quick to find out from your computer if a charity is legit.

Arrange for the charity to pick up the vehicle.  Don’t pay for the vehicle to be towed. The charity or solicitation service for the charity should pay for it.  If they won’t, find another charity. Remove the license plates from the vehicle before it is towed away.

Have the vehicle title in your possession.  Replacement titles can be gotten at the  Motor Vehicle Commission. It is here you will sign the vehicle’s title over to the charity. Some charities will offer to do the title transfer for you. But you may want to consider doing it yourself: This will ensure you aren’t held responsible for any future liabilities connected with the vehicle.

Below the link of trusted charities donation that have listed over 200 of the affiliated charities that can receive car donation in California.



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