Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Best Tips For Beginner Runners

I do running eversince when I was in college. I met different amateur and professional runners and i always asking for a tip on how to run effectively. So I decided to list all of what I remember during my beginner days. I hope you guys will get important tips on this hub.

1. Take a day foo after two days of running so you wont lose interest after three weeks. you'll also avoid stressing your feet, joints and back and eventually improved your speed. Don't increase your distance rapidly or your ligaments and muscles won't be able to keep up. Lack of rest may result in an increased risk of injury and take the fun out of running.

2. Breaking up running with walking isn't a crime. Beginners in particular should increase their training this way beacause it becomes a kind of interval training. As a rule of thumb, don't break up your running for less than one or more than five minutes, and don't stop altogether. Walk briskly during your breaks.

3. For beginners, a slower tempo is best. Most people rush in too fast and don't do their body any favors. you may be able to handle a fast tempo, but your joints and back could be in danger of injury. If you can talk while running, you've found the right pace.

4. slow down at the end of your run to send the signal to your body that it can soon relax. Don't end with a sprint, that's counterproductive.

5. Run with friends or in a group. It's easier to run with others, if for no other reason that you have someone to talk to. You'll also have a better control over your running pace. It's also harder to skip training if you have someone relying on you.

6. Find motivation. If your route bores you after the tenth tim, find a new one. The new scenery will surprise you. 7. Plan your training in advance. So that you can fit it into your week. Excuse such as "I don't have time" belong in the past. If you really can't fit a long training session in, split it up. Three 10-minute running sessions are as effective as one 30-minute session. every step counts.

8. The untrained are afraid of side stitches. We know the cure: Breathe out deeply when you land with the foot of the side without the stitch. The diaphragmwill relax and eventually the pain will disappear. While you breathe out, you should push your harnd on the spot of the stitch. And don't stop! keep going.

9. The best time to run is right after getting up. So morning run is best for those who want to lose weight. If you don't want to work out on an emtpy stomach, have a banana or an apple juice. Don't eat more than that beacause your body didn't ingest any nutrients overnight and will devote its energy to precessing the food.

10. Running depends on your stomach. You can make your run difficult with the wrong food. Don't eat a big mean 2-3 hours befre your run. If you must eat something before your run make it light, like fruit slices. You can also drink a fruit spritzers (1 part juice, 3 parts water). After training, refill your carbs strores with a banana.


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