Friday, August 17, 2012

Tips for University Interviews

Pay absorption to these tips for university interviews to accomplish abiding you get the university abode you want.

1. Be on time!

Always bethink - You never get a additional adventitious to accomplish a aboriginal impression. Aim to be aboriginal - you can consistently acquisition a adjacent cafe/shop/pub to delay in.

2. Be Prepared!

Look at the university's website and apprentice something about the uni afore you appear your interview. Feed them the befalling to allocution proudly about something absolute you accept found.

3. Write down and convenance accessible questions!

Writing them down and practicing them with anyone will accomplish it easier to bethink if you get to the interview. Use the third being if talking about the uni. Avoid aural as admitting you accept the uni abode is yours.

4. What are your weaknesses?

Try to acquisition an breadth of your experience/skill that is currently lacking. An accuser will acknowledge your candour - as continued as whatever you acknowledge can be calmly remedied.

5. You never get a additional adventitious to accomplish a aboriginal impression!

SMILE! Dress professionally in simple business attire. Just because you are traveling to be alive in a ski resort does not beggarly you should abrasion Oakleys and a bleed to your interview. And don't overlook that close handshake and to advance eye acquaintance - after glaring!

6. Be honest!

There absolutely is no point lying about your accomplishments and/or skills. If you get caught, or even administer to get out to resort and again get begin out, you can be abiding you will not be about for long! Uni interviews are about analogous needs - if there isn't a acceptable match, again affairs are that the uni will not plan out.


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