Friday, August 3, 2012

How To Get Good Grades In School or University

Here I'm getting to tell you one most important tip. The secret to get a maximum score remarks in examination or test with less effort. Several of  the students complain that they pay lots of time for study however still fail to have smart marks in examinations. The particular reason is the time in their study was not properly utilized.

There are some simple methods to maximize some time effectively and to study well. First all of you ought to be determined to study. This is often to most vital part. Therefore take initiative by yourself to attain something in life.

You maybe a standard student in kind of school, university, college or attending some tuition classes. Your time most probably focus at school or college. Generally a class starts at ten in the morning. You maybe are attending 3 to 4 classes per day with each lectures being about one hour or less duration. The next step to get a good mark is to maximize the time interval between next classes. For example the first classes is from 10:00 AM to 10:45 AM. Your profession leaves the class at 10:45AM and the next instructor will be coming 11:00AM. The 15 Minutes free time between these two classes is the most necessary part to score good ratings or marks. Your 15 minutes free time can be divided into separate parts, say 3 parts of 5 minutes each. In the first part, try to memorize the part of the lesson discussed by your professor in the previous one hour. Just look to your note taken during the previous 1 hour, make sure you have a lecture notes during the class this is important in studying. Be sure that you understood all parts discussed in the last lecture. The 5 minutes will be good to memorize everything at this part, as some matter discussed in the lecture is already there in your mind. The brain can store more data as per research about human brain of you revise the topic immediate after the lesson. The next 5 minutes is for relaxation and make your mind refresh from anything annoying about topics. In the last t 5 minutes simple undergo the part discussed by the professor about the last hour of lesson, in the previous days lecture and recall the matter discussed in the last lecture. This may help you to induce continuity in the subject matter and understand the lesson easily. Continue this activity in every 15 minutes class interval of 2 lectures or lessons. If the time interval is not 15 minutes, you can split it in to 2 to 3 parts convenient to you. The most important here is to understand what you have learned, refresh your mind and get good marks.

The next step is to have time in the evening to read and revise the portion discussed in that day. 2 to 3 hours maybe enough to finish your assignments given by your professor and to review the portion that your professors tackle in one day. Continue this most often. Then in the weekend, you have to review what you have learned in the whole weekend and try to revise it. Remember the more you read and revise it the more it will be stored in your brain. That's it. Now you don't need to spend more time during the examinations. You have already reviewed and revised the portions two to three times; this method will not take too much time to recollecting everything in one time.

Try these tips from now on and you will be amazed with the result.

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