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2012 List of Top 10 Best colleges for MBA in the world

As the global trader it has some of world’s best MBA institutes. Now Masters in Business Administration (MBA) is the latest attribute of grade. The products of these prestigious academic centers are placed with the leading corporations across the globe. Here is a list of top ten principal colleges of MBA in the world.

1. London Business School
Situated in central London, this business school is certainly the best business school in UK and also the best MBA college in the world. It also sits on the top rank in Forbes list of Top business school and FT list of top MBA school.

Top parameter for LBS:
Rank: No 1 in FT and Forbes list for 2010 and also in 2009.
Average Salary (in $): 141000 PA
International student %: 92
Faculty with doctorate%: 98
Address: Regent's Park, London, NW1 4SA, UK.


Some of the major programmes provided by the school are:
Executive MBA
Dubai-London EMBA
Masters in Finance
Sloan Masters in Leadership and Strategy
Masters in Management
Executive Education

2. Wharton Business school, University of Pennsylvania
Ranked No.1 in Top MBA college in US and rank 2 in the world, Wharton business school is a world class institution providing top class study program. Providing both undergraduate and post graduate program, its EMBA is a hit amongst the working executives.

Top parameters for Wharton are:
Rank: Rank 2 in 2010, rank 1 in 2009 and 2008.
Average Salary (in $): 163000
International student %: 38
Faculty with doctorate%: 100

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University of Pennsylvania: Wharton
The Wharton School
University of Pennsylvania
420 Jon M. Huntsman Hall
3720 Walnut Street
Philadelphia, PA US 19104


Some of the major programs offered by school:
Wharton full time MBA programs
Wharton undergraduates program

3. Harvard Business School
Currently ranked 3 in the world, Harvard Business school has been one of the world's most prestigious business school for a long time. Based in Massachusetts, Harvard is pioneer in offering full time MBA programs suitable for all kinds of business organisations.

Top parameters for Harvard are:
Rank: Rank 3 in 2010, 2009. Average rank 4 in last 3 years
Average Salary (in $): 161000
International student %: 36
Faculty with doctorate%: 95

Harvard Business School
Soldiers Field Boston
Massachusetts 02163

Some of the major programs offered by school:
2 years full time MBA
Executive MBA for working professionals
PhD program

4. Stanford Graduate School Of Business
Based in California, Stanford business school is among the topmost business school in USA and currently ranked 4 in the world. This school also benefit from the reputation of Stanford university which is among the best universities among the world for science and maths.

Top parameters for GSB:
Rank: Rank 4 in 2010, 6th in 2009. Average rank 5 in last 3 years
Average Salary (in $): 169000
International student %: 36
Faculty with doctorate%: 97

Stanford Graduate School of Business
518 Memorial Way
Stanford, CA 94305
Telephone: MBA enquiries: 650 723 2766
Executive Education enquiries: 650-723-3341

Some of the major programs offered by school:
2 years full time MBA
Executive MBA for working professionals
PhD program
Sloan MBA (10 months)

5. Insead, France / Singapore
Based in Cedex, France this business school is 2nd most prestigious MBA college in Europe and 5th in world. Celebrating 25th anniversary this year, this MBA institute is pioneer in offering executive MBA and have started campuses in Singapore and Abu Dhabi.

Top parameters for Insead:
Rank: Rank 5 in 2010 and 2009. Average rank 5 in last 3 years
Average Salary (in $): 140000
International student %: 92
Faculty with doctorate%: 96

Europe Campus
Boulevard de Constance
77305 Fontainebleau Cedex, France
t: france : t.: +33 (0)1-60-72-40-00
singapore : t.: +65-67-99-53-88

Some of the major programs offered by school:
1years full time MBA
1 year Executive MBA for working professionals
PhD program
Executive education

6. Columbia Business school
Although the ranking of Columbia Business School has been dropping in last 2-3 years, it is still among the very best business school in the the world. Currently ranked 6th on the FT list of top business schools, this New York based school offers a variety of MBA courses.

Top parameters for Columbia Business school:
Rank: Rank 6 in 2010, 4th in 2009. Average rank 5 in last 3 years
Average Salary (in $): 164000
International student %: 44
Faculty with doctorate%: 95

Columbia Business School
3022 Broadway
Uris Hall, Room 216
New York, NY 10027
t: 212.854.1961

Some of the major programs offered by school:
2 years full time MBA
Executive MBA for working professionals
PhD program
Executive education

7. IE Business School, Spain
Based in Madrid, IE business school has leaped ranking in various top business school list in last couple of years. It boasts its international reputation with students from more than 70 countries are currently enrolled in its MBA program.

Top parameters for IE Business school:
Rank: Rank 7 in 2010, 8th in 2009. Average rank 7 in last 3 years
Average Salary (in $): 134000
International student %: 86
Faculty with doctorate%: 89

IE Business School
IE Business school
C/ María de Molina, 11, 13, 15
t: +34 915689600

Some of the major programs offered by school:
1 years full time MBA
Executive MBA for working professionals
PhD program
Executive education

8. MIT Sloan School Of Management
Based in Massachusetts, MIT is one of the oldest and reputed institute for Management studies. It has not only managed to be among the top Management colleges in United states but also have been featured among the top B Schools in the world for a long time.

Top parameters for MIT Sloan Business school:
Rank: Rank 8 in 2010, 9th in 2009. Average rank 8 in last 3 years
Average Salary (in $): 154000
International student %: 48
Faculty with doctorate%: 100

MIT Sloan School of Management
MIT Sloan
50 Memorial Drive
Cambridge, Massachusetts 02142
United States

Some of the major programs offered by school:
1 years full time MBA
Executive MBA for working professionals
PhD program
Executive education
Master of Finance
Undergraduate Programs

9. Booth School of Business, University of Chicago
Booth School of business, University of Chicago has leaped 2 ranks from 11th in 2009 to rank 9 in 2010. It is also helped by huge reputation of University of Chicago which is amongst the top universities in the world.

Top parameters for Booth School of Business:
Rank: Rank 9 in 2010, 11th 2009. Average rank 10n last 3 years
Average Salary (in $): 15600
International student %: 40
Faculty with doctorate%: 97

University of Chicago: Booth
University of Chicago Booth School of Business
5807 South Woodlawn Avenue
Chicago, Illinois 60637
t: tel: 773.702.7369

Some of the major programs offered by school:
2 years full time MBA
Part time MBA
Evening MBA program
Executive MBA for working professionals
PhD program
Executive education

10. Hong Kong UST Business School
Hong Kong UST Business school is the most prestigious business school in Asia and among the top 10 reputed B Schools in the world. It has leaped 6 position from its ranking of 16 among the top MBA schools in 2009 to 10th in 2010.

Top parameters for Hong Kong UST Business School:
Rank: Rank 10 in 2010, 16th 2009. Average rank 14th in last 3 years
Average Salary (in $): 115000
International student %: 93
Faculty with doctorate%: 100

Hong Kong UST Business School
Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
Clear Water Bay
Hong Kong

Telephone:(852) 2358-7533

Some of the major programs offered by school:
2 years full time MBA
Part time MBA
Master of Science
EMBA for working professionals
PhD program
Executive education
Undergraduate Program

Difference Between Community Colleges and University

This Post will discussed about Community Colleges, Vocational and Technical Colleges, Liberal Arts Colleges, Four Year Colleges and Private University.

Looking where to go to college or university can be one among the most stressful part a young adults deals with--even a lot demanding than the overall experience of going to university can be! Choosing a university that matches your needs is added vital than choosing the most prestigious school your oldsters will notice or than going to their school. A lot of students feel confined to the state they presently reside and don't take consider community colleges and universities outside their states. Several students do not even understand they can go out of state!

Out-of-state association colleges and universities are nice opportunities and broaden the horizons of many students. I presently attend a university over 3,000 miles away from my family, and while it is difficult at times to be so far away from them, going to an out of state college considered as one amongst the simplest decisions of my life.

Community College vs. University

Before you opt something regarding wherever you would like to travel for college, you'll have to grasp what type of education you are looking for. You have got some of various options:

Community Colleges: Also known as Junior Colleges, community colleges provide a two year Associate's degree at actual low tuition prices. Several students select community colleges because they'll keep near home while determining what career paths they want to decide. It is fairly accepted for college students at community colleges to transfer their credits after two years to a four-year institution to earn their Bachelor's degree.

Vocational and Technical Colleges: Students who have already got a selected career path in mind (chef, mechanic, etc) do best at vocational faculties, where they get the precise instruction and skills they have for his or her chosen vocation. Community colleges and technical colleges offer nice programs to students who either like to test the waters and find their basic classes out of the manner inexpensively, or who know what they require to do and just require specific job coaching before starting. However what if you're not sure yet, otherwise you need a additional expansive education?

Liberal Arts Colleges: Contrary to what I believed as a child, liberal arts colleges are not where Democrats go to paint pictures. Liberal Arts colleges offer four years of general education leading to the sciences and humanities. Students graduate with a degree in Liberal Arts, instead of majoring or minoring in a subject like alternative types of colleges.

Four Year Colleges: Four Year colleges are typically public colleges that provide majors and minors, and present you a Bachelor's degree in that subject at the end of your period there. The sole distinction is that four year colleges don't have graduate programs.

Public and Private Universities: Public Universities are usually less expensive than private universities (although this is not often the case- my tuition at a private university is less than 2,000 dollars a semester), but both offer the same fundamental programs. A four year bachelor's degree, and the ability to attend graduate school. A university basically encompasses all the altered types of college experiences.

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The Best Schools in Pune, Gandhinagar and Ambala: Provide The Best Quality Education, Skills and Leadership Qualities

Schools are playing an actual important role in the today’s World as without getting educated nobody can suceed or accomplish in the future. Schools are those who advice the children in making their lives brighter. There are alot of schools all over the World but it depends from academy to academy that what types of education they are providing. The facilities of all the schools are altered which can even accord assorted results.

Schools in Ambala amuse the parents that they will admit the best superior education to the students. They assert them of all-around good  quality infastructue like able-bodied buildings, playgrounds for co-curricular activities like sports, arts and others, action apartment with the educational toys that can access their analytic skills.

These schools appoint those teachers who can yield responsibility of paying accordingly to all the student and teaching them in every manner. They animate the student to participate in assertive contest like International or literacy that can advice them in their future. Some of the best schools in Ambala are Amazon International School, Sa Jain Sr Model School, Maharishi Vidya Mandir, Father’s International Academy and abounding more.

There are abounding schools in every city, country or a accompaniment but it is not all-important that all schools can accord the best education. It can alone be provided if the school has able as the well experience professor who can handle the kids. Schools in Gandhinagar assert the parents of accouterment the best education. They ensure that kids will abound not only mentally but aswell physically.

These schools chase the CBSE or ICSE Board in which the class is set just to advice the student in their approaching so as to access their analytic skills. Some of the best schools in Gandhinagar are Asia English Primary School, Carmel High School, Harward Academy, St. Xavier’s High Academy and abounding more.

Parents are authoritative alot effort that their kids should get the best accessible education. In this bearings CBSE Academy in Pune are making an important role because they ensure the best superior education to the students. In these schools those professors are trained who are competent of imparting the best superior education as well as convalescent them in every field by paying accordingly to all the students. Top CBSE Academy in Pune is Army Public School, Vidyashilp Public School, The Heritage School, City-limits International School, The Orchid Academy and several others.

High School Junior Year Experience

So actuality I sit. I’ve accomplished everything: Spanish, English, and, yes, even my geometry homework. After all the diaphoresis and tears I’ve caked into these four hours of homework, I can assuredly say I’m finished, or am I?

I am alpha to apprehend that by next bounce I will be appear as a aborigine into the chargeless apple … and I anticipate I’m done? Ha!

For those who don’t know, a college application is what decides your fate amid august accepting or a abandoned and actual rejection. Colleges attending at so abounding things these days including your GPA and your extracurricular activities. I’ve fabricated it my claimed ambition to do as abounding activities as accessible to affect and affect any college.

This is my senior year of high school and, to acquaint you the truth, I don’t accept abounding options, not to acknowledgment time. Two years is all I accept larboard to accomplish a big aberration in my future by accepting into that oh-so-wonderful dream college I accept yet to find.

One of the things I’ve done this year is accompany the Key Club. As some of you may know, this is a advance alignment for adolescence who wish to advice the community. What bigger way to angle out on a academy application than by accomplishing something I like: volunteering.

I am aswell enrolled in a technical preparation programs to advice me accretion acquaintance in the teaching field and, at the aforementioned time, acquire college credits.

Think I’m done? No, not exactly. For the greater acceptable of my college application, I’ve affected myself to surrender my much-loved amphitheater chic and yield Spanish instead. I say this bluntly because colleges like this too. Supposedly, two years of a adopted language will accomplish you a stronger English student. Well, I’ve been in the class three or four weeks and all I accept to appearance for it is: “Me llamo Carmen, abounding gusto. Soy de los Estados Unidos. Hasta luego.” If you’re sitting there with a dumfounded attending apprehensive what I just said about Eggos, just brainstorm my acknowledgment if Señora came into chic speaking absolute Español. All at already I had the appetite to run out the aperture and far abroad from this aberrant and adopted language.

Also on my bowl are scholarships, contests in adjustment to win those scholarships, and a bank of added activities for my angelic application. Where can I acquisition time to breathe, you ask? Since I don’t accept abstraction hall, I breathe at lunch. If I didn’t accept that, I would apparently about-face dejected from the abridgement of oxygen in the arranged halls of my top school.

People accept told me to apathetic down, yield it easy, and that I’ll accept added than abundant time to do everything. But if I get it all done this year, my chief year will be abounding with lots and lots of oxygen and the much-anticipated academy accepting letters. (Yet addition affair I charge to do: Acquisition that dream college.)

For now, all I can do is accession my duke and hopefully ask “May I use the restroom” in Spanish with the actual pronunciation. With my luck I’d apparently say something abhorrent to Señora and be kicked out of class.

Then again, who anytime said it was traveling to be easy?

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Tips for University Interviews

Pay absorption to these tips for university interviews to accomplish abiding you get the university abode you want.

1. Be on time!

Always bethink - You never get a additional adventitious to accomplish a aboriginal impression. Aim to be aboriginal - you can consistently acquisition a adjacent cafe/shop/pub to delay in.

2. Be Prepared!

Look at the university's website and apprentice something about the uni afore you appear your interview. Feed them the befalling to allocution proudly about something absolute you accept found.

3. Write down and convenance accessible questions!

Writing them down and practicing them with anyone will accomplish it easier to bethink if you get to the interview. Use the third being if talking about the uni. Avoid aural as admitting you accept the uni abode is yours.

4. What are your weaknesses?

Try to acquisition an breadth of your experience/skill that is currently lacking. An accuser will acknowledge your candour - as continued as whatever you acknowledge can be calmly remedied.

5. You never get a additional adventitious to accomplish a aboriginal impression!

SMILE! Dress professionally in simple business attire. Just because you are traveling to be alive in a ski resort does not beggarly you should abrasion Oakleys and a bleed to your interview. And don't overlook that close handshake and to advance eye acquaintance - after glaring!

6. Be honest!

There absolutely is no point lying about your accomplishments and/or skills. If you get caught, or even administer to get out to resort and again get begin out, you can be abiding you will not be about for long! Uni interviews are about analogous needs - if there isn't a acceptable match, again affairs are that the uni will not plan out.

Criteria of good college or University

The academy seek doesn't accept to activate and end with the Ivies and the name cast schools. There are abounding schools out there to accept from — some accepted and some beneath known, all aces of your attention. Here's some admonition for aggravating to acquisition the academy that works for you.

1. Alpha with who you are and why you are going.

You charge to appraise yourself and your affidavit for traveling to academy afore you alpha your search. Why, really, are you going? What are your abilities and strengths? What are your weaknesses? What do you wish out of activity — something actual or intangible?

Are you socially arrogant or do you charge warm, familial support? Allocution with your family, accompany and high-school attorneys as you ask these questions. The humans who apperceive you best can admonition you the a lot of with these important issues.

2. Size matters: Your academy does not accept to be bigger than your top school.

Most acceptable advanced arts colleges accept a citizenry of beneath than 4,000 for a reason; academy is a time to explore, and a abate association is added accessory to centralized exploration. It is not the amount of people, but the humans themselves and the affectionate of association in which you will apprentice that absolutely matters. Abounding ample universities accept accustomed “honors colleges” aural the above university for these aforementioned reasons.

3. A name-brand academy will not agreement your success.

Think about the humans in your activity who are blessed and acknowledged and acquisition out breadth (and if) they went to college. Ask the aforementioned about “famous” people. You will acceptable acquisition that success in activity has beneath to do with the best of academy than with the adventures and opportunities encountered while in college, accompanying with claimed qualities and traits.

Employers and alum schools are searching for outstanding abilities and experience, not academy pedigree. As you seek for colleges, ask about apprentice outcomes; you will acquisition abounding colleges that beat the Ivies and "name brands," even admitting you may accept never heard of them! Appointment theNational Survey of Apprentice Engagement (NSSE) for admonition on allocation through the admonition and for abundant questions to ask if visiting and allotment a college.

4. You don’t charge to aces a above to aces a college.

Very few high-school acceptance accept abundant admonition or acquaintance to accept a major. You charge the array and abyss of academy coursework to actuate your absorption and aptitude. A lot of academy acceptance change their minds two or three times afore they achieve on a major, and they can still alum in four years! Being ambivalent is a acceptable affair and will leave you accessible to added bookish experiences.

5. Don’t be afraid by the stories.

If you alone pay absorption to the headlines, you ability alpha to accept that “no one is accepting in anywhere!” The accuracy is that the majority of the colleges and universities in this country accept added acceptance than they reject. If you're afraid about your affairs of accepting accepted — and you're accommodating to investigate above the actual attenuated bandage of awful careful colleges — you'll acquisition that you accept abounding options that will advance to a abundant fit for you.

Be abreast about your bookish contour and analyze it to the contour of the a lot of afresh accepted and enrolled chic for the colleges you are investigating. Check the academy acceptance Web website for this admonition and acquaintance them if you can’t acquisition it. Ask your high-school advisor for added admonition and admonition as it applies to your school.

6. You can acquiesce to go to college.

If you accomplish the acceptance that you cannot acquiesce academy based on the “sticker price” of tuition, you will absence out. It is difficult to allocution about money, but if you investigate all the options and ask for admonition and advice, you will acquisition affordable choices. Online resources, as able-bodied as banking aid workshops sponsored by top schools in bounded communities, are broadly accessible to get you started. Academy and university banking aid Web sites action advantageous admonition and links as well. Investigate aboriginal and ask for help.

7. You don’t accept to go to academy appropriate away, and it’s never too late.

There is no such affair as the absolute time to alpha college. Some acceptance annual from a year off to work, abstraction or travel, and these adventures acquiesce them to be better, added affianced students. Some acceptance accept to administer to academy and accretion acceptance and afresh adjourn their entrance, while others delay to administer until afterwards they accept had an another experience.

Either way, admissions admiral will be afraid to apprentice about your acquaintance during your time off, and they'll ask you to address about it as allotment of your admissions process. High-school and academy acceptance attorneys can accommodate assets for investigating alternatives that may be appropriate for you. You could administer for an internship, abstraction abroad, or participate in a association annual project.

8. The a lot of important agency in allotment a academy is fit.

Choosing a academy because your accompany are traveling there or because of breadth it ranks on a annual does not yield into annual who you are and who you will become. Academy is a bout to be made, not a cost to be won. Finding a acceptable fit requires time and thoughtfulness.

Visiting academy Web sites and acquirements about what contest yield place, who visits as bedfellow speakers, and how to get in blow with accepted acceptance and adroitness is a acceptable way to supplement a campus appointment — or to adjudge if you wish to absorb the time and money on a visit. Check a school's Web website to acquisition the admissions administrator assigned to your arena of the country. Send them an e-mail to ask about accepting in blow with acceptance from your breadth or anecdotic a few with interests agnate to yours.

When you visit, try to body in time to sit in on classes, eat in the dining anteroom and adhere about in the apprentice centermost or added high-traffic areas. That will admonition you brainstorm yourself as allotment of the community. Allocution to a few acceptance and ask if they would accomplish the aforementioned academy best if they had to do it again. Go aback to the aboriginal account in this annual as you accede the admonition you’ve calm about the colleges. You will accept abundant options!

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Advantage of Free Online Auto Insurance Quotes

Get a automobile insurance isn't a selection, also as most states are setting specific needs of the present coverage of auto owners and drivers thus the policy of getting automobile insurance is a necessity.The first issue which may hassle somebody who is getting ready to get his / her car insurance is the high rate of premiums. In general, it's true that car insurance policy that may value a lot of cash although, now that the automobile insurance coverage is a hot commodity on the market several totally different firms and insurance companies are providing this service, landing on the most effective deal while not exhausting their money strength is usually possible.Well, the only time this may not happen is once you simply anticipate the most effective offer at reasonable costs to go knocking on your door very first thing within the morning. Of course, you have got to move your feet to induce to something. Before you really have to be compelled to move your feet, literally, simply to create inquiries regarding the automobile insurance firms quotes. For services provided by corporations that need to go and visit their offices. another choice to get connected with car insurance deals is to browse the telephone book and build a lot of phone calls. But now, things are a lot of easier and quicker for you. it's not necessary to go to the offices of automobile insurance and don't even ought to contact them. What you need to do is place online. car insurance free quotes are accessible through the net now only a matter of seconds or minutes.Comparison searching may be done now without having much to stress regarding long visits or phone conversations. Free quotes car insurance coverage permits you to check totally different providers like automobile insurance, both regionally and nationally.If your goal is to induce the protection you need at the foremost favorable price and comparison searching can assist you find the way to accomplish that goal. However, you need to be ready and well versed with the various kinds of car insurance coverage. Then decide what you would like and what the State dictates that you just have. If you're prepared with their answer sets, therefore again and this point it was determined taking into account your budget. What you'll be able to afford the matter is why you're pointing at a rate lower costs down the road.If you have got assessed how much you'll be able to provide stuff you need to begin browsing for free of charge quotes and compare car insurance type. find the most effective rates on the market. according to the experts to urge a minimum of 4.3 free quotes on-line car insurance can facilitate in good buying car insurance policy.

The Right Auto Insurance Provider For You.

With such a lot of firms that claim to sell insurance, are often a frightening task to settle on the correct one out and obtain one thing that's sure to work outside of your vehicle. After all, don't wish to finish with automobile insurance isn't as spectacular because it are often. There area unit some of stuff you could also be able to neutralize order to induce the type of automobile insurance supplier. Learn a number of this stuff before shopping for automobile insurance are often terribly valuable and doubtless facilitate save a lot of cash.Local or nationalOne of the massive queries that i would like to raise is whether or not you wish to travel for a social insurance company, or follow one among the premises. whereas there area unit benefits to any of the automobile insurance suppliers, you ought to grasp that the choice of 1 over the opposite will solely assist you get the correct one for your profile. If you drive out of city oft, it makes additional sense national, whereas the native is for drivers within the town that wont to move your automotive daily and tiny else.Pay rates is extremely necessary to check as a result of they are doing not wish to be cursed with a supplier of low-cost automobile insurance.At a later date, if you've got to create a claim, it's continuously suggested to possess somebody United Nations agency may maybe provides a superb price for your cash. Therefore, take some care during this sense extremely goes a protracted approach. you'll make certain to not fight once claims area unit created thanks to associate underwriter with a really unhealthy rate of pay. analysis on this line will give valuable info and, doubtless, facilitate together with your alternative.The prices incurredThe most vital issue once selecting a automobile insurance supplier for the driving force would most likely be the entire costs incurred. gratuitous to mention, i'll not stick with any underwriter that may be terribly expensive and tough for you to take care of. the maximum amount as potential, he would love to induce the sort of supplier which will assist you save cash and even get a terribly smart coverage at very reasonable costs. you ought to scrutinize in numerous places to induce that possibility and confirm this is often extremely a reality.

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How To Get Good Grades In School or University

Here I'm getting to tell you one most important tip. The secret to get a maximum score remarks in examination or test with less effort. Several of  the students complain that they pay lots of time for study however still fail to have smart marks in examinations. The particular reason is the time in their study was not properly utilized.

There are some simple methods to maximize some time effectively and to study well. First all of you ought to be determined to study. This is often to most vital part. Therefore take initiative by yourself to attain something in life.

You maybe a standard student in kind of school, university, college or attending some tuition classes. Your time most probably focus at school or college. Generally a class starts at ten in the morning. You maybe are attending 3 to 4 classes per day with each lectures being about one hour or less duration. The next step to get a good mark is to maximize the time interval between next classes. For example the first classes is from 10:00 AM to 10:45 AM. Your profession leaves the class at 10:45AM and the next instructor will be coming 11:00AM. The 15 Minutes free time between these two classes is the most necessary part to score good ratings or marks. Your 15 minutes free time can be divided into separate parts, say 3 parts of 5 minutes each. In the first part, try to memorize the part of the lesson discussed by your professor in the previous one hour. Just look to your note taken during the previous 1 hour, make sure you have a lecture notes during the class this is important in studying. Be sure that you understood all parts discussed in the last lecture. The 5 minutes will be good to memorize everything at this part, as some matter discussed in the lecture is already there in your mind. The brain can store more data as per research about human brain of you revise the topic immediate after the lesson. The next 5 minutes is for relaxation and make your mind refresh from anything annoying about topics. In the last t 5 minutes simple undergo the part discussed by the professor about the last hour of lesson, in the previous days lecture and recall the matter discussed in the last lecture. This may help you to induce continuity in the subject matter and understand the lesson easily. Continue this activity in every 15 minutes class interval of 2 lectures or lessons. If the time interval is not 15 minutes, you can split it in to 2 to 3 parts convenient to you. The most important here is to understand what you have learned, refresh your mind and get good marks.

The next step is to have time in the evening to read and revise the portion discussed in that day. 2 to 3 hours maybe enough to finish your assignments given by your professor and to review the portion that your professors tackle in one day. Continue this most often. Then in the weekend, you have to review what you have learned in the whole weekend and try to revise it. Remember the more you read and revise it the more it will be stored in your brain. That's it. Now you don't need to spend more time during the examinations. You have already reviewed and revised the portions two to three times; this method will not take too much time to recollecting everything in one time.

Try these tips from now on and you will be amazed with the result.