Friday, February 24, 2012

I Got My New Mobile Phone: HTC Incredible S

HTC Incredible S Smart Phone
HTC Incredible S Specification
HTC Incredible S Smart Phone
HTC Incredible S Box
I bought my HTC incredible S in United Kingdom. Actually it was locked under Vodaphone but I successfully unlock it to be used with another telecom carrier. I contacted one of the specialists in unlocking the phone. I just entered the emailed code provided by the specialist to unlock it. I like the phone so much. It has a super LCD multitouch screen and an user Interface sense the provides a good experience and great performance. Another beautiful phone from HTC. Version instead of the Inspire Also like to ask MrlgorTV why all new Android phones all have Froyo 2.2 instead of Gingerbread 2.3 only a few models have that. I also bought a case from Case Mate to have a sporty looking type. The case covers the entire device, including the back and corners, but also allow for easy access to the essential controls on the phone.  So, you can still charge my phone or use the headphones when the handset is inside the case. If I described the performance of this phone I would say it’s tough and solid. It has a Qualcomm Scorpion Chipset with 1GHz Processor and an Adreno 205 Graphics component. The RAM memory is 768MB. It almost the same compare with another new HTC released phone. Based on my experience it delivers good performances without hanging, good JavaScript execution, and you can install almost of the applications available on the market. You can see the photo for complete specifications.

These are my top 10 applications I've installed on my phone:

1. Facebook
2. Skype
3. viper -  you can call or send SMS for free using this as long as you have 3G or WiFi connection
4. WhatsApp - This is same as Viper.
5. Astro file manager- it’s the best file manager on android
6. Meebo - you can use this to log all of your Instant Messaging accounts to send messages for free.
7. ebay- good for auction purposes.
8. Pandora Radio - for free personalized radio stream music.
9. Advance Task Manager - you really must have this. This will allow you to end applications in one process to free some RAM and will speed the phone.
10. Trip Journal - use this to documents your vacation and you can share it to your friends.

For my Top games for HTC incredible are:

1. Asphalt
2. Raging Thunder 2
3. Zenonia
4. baseball superstar
5. Armageddon Squadron - flight simulator with good graphics
6. Titanuim - this is great app but you to be rooted to use this.

You can get free applications over the market but you can see ads on it. You can get free premium apps over the net but I don’t know if it is working because I never tried it yet. I probably post another good application soon.

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